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Welcome and thank you for using softonym.com (from hereon referred to as the "Website"). The term Website also includes the Companies newsletter and email messages.

Use of the Website is subject to an agreement between you, as a natural person, and SC Big Search Box SRL (from hereon referred to as the "Company", "us", "we" or "Big Search Box").

The Terms and Conditions are applicable from the moment you start your visit of the Website. Continuing to use the Website represents the confirmation of your agreement with the following terms and conditions. Although we hope it is not the case, if you don not agree with these terms and conditions you can stop using the Website at any time and the terms and the terms and conditions will stop producing any effect.

Information about the Company:

SC Big Search Box SRL a duly incorporated Romania company
Headquarters: 43rd Episcop Radu St., Building C1, Ap. 8, 2nd District, Bucharest, ROMANIA
Contact: E-mail: Phone number: +4
VAT number: RO 19040618 Commerce Registration number: J40/15164/2006


1.1 USE OF THE WEBSITE IS FREE. For your convenience we want to point this from the outset. The Company won't require any kind of payment from your part for accessing or using the Website or it's Content.

1.2 Regardless of the above, services used by you to access the Website, like the Internet, mobile Internet or accessing terminals connected to the Internet are not offered by the Company and might presume concluding contracts with service providers together with the payment of particular tariffs to such providers.

1.3 Advertisements displayed on this Website will not require you to purchase products or services from promoted companies. Advertising is important to us because it enables us to provide this service for free. The Company assumes no liability for the content of published advertisements.

1.4 In some cases accessing the full version of news and downloading software presented in the Website will be done through services supplied by other providers than the Company. As the case may be these operations can presume payments to such providers.

2. Content

2.1 The Website is an electronic brochure that presents free information about software, such as, but not limited to, name, description, pictures, links for downloading trial or free versions of such software, links to developers pages, comparisons with other software and comments or guidelines on use. The Content also consists of headlines and daily news from the IT industry and, where appropriate, full version of such news. If the entire news content is not available on the Website, it can be accessed through links available on the Website directly to the websites of the publishers where they were syndicated from.

2.2 The Content, as described above, is included in at least one of the following:

  • Company Content – especially but not limited to design, support/navigation text, articles, comments or reviews by the Company (including by it's employees or contributors), images, audio or video recordings;
  • Third party providers Content – articles, trademarks, images, links etc.
  • Registered users generated Content – reviews, images, audio or video recordings.

Legal Protection

2.3 Company Content available on the Website is protected by copyright and trademark rights according to Romanian legal provisions. Third party providers Content is protected both under Romanian legal provisions and, in particular, according to the corresponding legislation of the jurisdiction where such provider is registered (or has its headquarters). The user generated Content is protected by Romanian copyright law (author's right law) the owner of such copyright being the users posting such Content.

Normal use of the Content (non-commercial)

2.4 By normal use you have permission to access the Content by displaying it on your access equipment (computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet etc.) in order to obtain information or to access links that will either direct you to websites of other providers or enable software download.

Special use of the Content (non-commercial)

2.5 The following section applies only to Company Content or to user generated Content.

2.6 Other use of third party providers Content is allowed only in terms displayed on such providers websites. In principle non-commercial use of such content should be allowed under the same conditions as the Company's Content but you should not rely on this as a fact and should check by yourself.

2.7 You are permitted to make no more than one copy (screenshot or print) for non-commercial and informational purposes only. Any such copy must contain the name of the Website. Any such copy will not contain alteration, amendments, additions, deletions of the Content.

Commercial use of the Content

2.8 Commercial use of third party Content published in the Website is strictly forbidden.

2.9 Commercial use (including, but not limited to publishing the Content on other web-sites) is permitted only with the express written consent of the Company and only with proper acknowledgement of the source (the Website) and with due hyperlink to the Website. In order to obtain express written consent of the Company please send your request at and we will reply shortly.

Use of Content by registered users

2.10 Any other use of the Website (posting comments, publishing opinions and suggestions regarding the use of different software etc.) is reserved only to registered users.

Prohibited use of the Content

2.11 This section is for exemplification purpose. As a general rule any use that is not in accordance with the above sections is prohibited. Some activities, as described in the following section, may constitute criminal or administrative offense prohibited by Romanian law. The Company reserves the right to take, whenever it deems necessary, appropriate steps with competent authorities to protect it's legal interests or the interest of others.

2.12 You may not make more than one copy of the Content. You do not have permission to distribute or otherwise publish the Content in any medium, including on the Internet. You may not use framing technology of the Content (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Framing_(World_Wide_Web)). Restricting others access to the Content by any technical means is prohibited (except for persons that are under your direct supervision and only to the extent such person or the applicable legal provisions allow such restriction). The use of technical means for the amendment, alteration, addition, deletion of the Content is prohibited. It is prohibited to display other content, especially immoral, obscene, pornographic or illegal. The use of technical means to make the Website unusable or to slow it's use is forbidden.

Third party providers Content

2.13 The site may contain logos, trademarks, image or other works owned by third party providers. Display of such content does not imply a commercial relationship between the Company and such providers companies.

2.14 The company is not an agent, affiliated company, subsidiary, representative, distributor or endorser of third party providers or their Content. Equally, such third-party providers do not currently recommend and do not endorse, directly or indirectly, the work of the Company or the Website.

2.15 Whenever you use third party provider content displayed on the Website you enter into a legal relationship with such provider. Whenever you access links to third-party provider websites (including download links) you enter into a contractual relationship with such providers.

User generated Content

2.16 Using this Website you can access and view Content published by registered users such as, but not limited to, reviews, comments and recommendations. The company did not verify the accuracy and does not recommend the use of such Content to particular situations.

2.17 Although we take effort to keep the site clean, the Company does not warrant that the Content published by registered users does not infringe intellectual property rights of others, abide by legal or moral rules or does not amount to an abuse of our content publishing rules.

2.18 Any use of the Content or the Website that violates the provisions in the previous sections will be considered an abuse. The Company reserves the right to take any action, including technical measures, to stop abuses, to pursue any legal means to punish offenders and to recover any damages. As technical measures the Company may, among other measures, decide to block access to the Website to specific users (by IP restrictions).

3. Informative nature of the Content

3.1 ATTENTION! The Content does not constitute professional advice and is just informative.
The Company does not recommend, support or promote:

  • use of the Content or knowledge therein for any purpose other than information.
  • applying the Content to particular situations.

3.2 Any opinion or suggestion, whether it is found in Company provided content, user generated Content or third party provider Content is not a promise by the Company (including its employees or shareholders) and does not guarantee a particular outcome, regardless of the purpose you are using such Content (otherwise know as "no warranty for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose"). The company does not check, promises and/or warrant the accuracy of the Content (including whether it was published on the Website as it's author intended) or its applicability to the particular purpose for which you want to use it.

3.3 For clarity (by way of example but not limited to this situation) an article about using a particular program for a particular purpose does not guarantee that the program will work or that it will give you the desired results.

4. Linking

4.1 The site includes links to external websites owned by software developers or IT news publishers (collectively "Providers" or "third-party providers").

4.2 By accessing such links you enter in to websites owned by other persons than the Company. The Company does not manage these websites and does not control the products, services or content of those websites. The Company does not make recommendations or promises regarding these websites (content, products or services). We recommend you read the terms and conditions of use of such websites before using them.

Relationship between third party providers and the Company

4.3 The company is not an agent, affiliated company, subsidiary, representative, distributor or endorser of third party providers or their Content. Equally, such third-party providers do not currently recommend and do not endorse, directly or indirectly, the work of the Company or the Website. Whenever you use third party provider content displayed on the Website you enter into a legal relationship with such provider. Whenever you access links to third-party provider websites (including download links) you enter into a contractual relationship with such providers.

Download links

4.4 Use of software download links in the Website will start downloading such software directly from third-party provider's server (or authorized distributors). The Company does not host such software and the links are not to servers owned or controlled by the Company.

4.5 The Company does not guarantee that such download links work, are updated, are for the latest versions or workable versions of such software.

4.6 The company has not reviewed all software accessible through the download links and does not guarantee that such software are, in any way, not dangerous to you or that such software can safely be used on your terminal (PC, laptop, smart phone, tablets etc.), including but not limited to guaranteeing that such software does not contain viruses, trojans, illegal images or content that is otherwise illegal or immoral in your jurisdiction.

4.7 Use of downloaded software and download links is subject to a relationship between you and third party providers. The Company can not be held liable for your use of software downloaded via the links.

4.8 For clarity we assume no liability for damage arising from your relationship with other websites, software or their providers, even if you have accessed such websites or downloaded such software via the links available on the Site.

5. Abuse notification

5.1 Should you believe that any element of the Content or the Website violates the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, is abusive, immoral, illegal, violates the rights of other people (especially intellectual property rights or privacy rights) please notify us at .

5.2 We will analyze your notification and take the appropriate measures as we deem necessary.

6. Guarantees and Limitation of Liability


6.1 Both in respect of the Content and software accessible through the download links, the Company does not guarantee that they fit any particular purpose to which you want to use them and does not promise their ability to achieve certain results (otherwise know in some jurisdiction as "no warranty for merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose"). Using the Website you are responsible for establishing whether the Content and the software available through download links are fit for your particular purpose.

6.2 The Company does not guarantee that the Website will operate continuous and free of errors.

Limitation of Liability

6.3 Any liability of the Company (including employees, partners/shareholders or affiliated companies) for your use of the Site, the Content or software available through download links will be established according to this section.

6.4 The Company excludes any liability, by contract or in tort, toward you or other person, for moral or material damages, whether these are direct or indirect, mentioned in this agreement or envisaged at the moment when the agreement was concluded, whether these are effective at the moment when they were produced (damnum emmergens) or loss of benefits (lucrum cessans), born of the use or impossibility of use by you of the Website, the Content, the linked websites or the downloaded software, by fault of the Company (either negligence or imprudence), regardless if the Company was warned or it found by itself of the possibility of such prejudice.

6.5 The Company does not exclude it's liability for situations in which liability cannot be legally excluded, respectively for personal injury or death, unless it has taken measures to warn about the possibility of these events happening.

Your liability

6.6 By concluding this agreement you agree that you will indemnify the Company for any direct or indirect, effective or lost benefits, including loss of goodwill, reputation or income, caused to the Company by your breach of this agreement or by the actions of persons accessing the Website through your terminal (PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet etc.).

6.7 The liability clauses remain valid after the end of this contract.

7. Other applicable provisions

7.1 This contract is completed, where possible, by all legal requirements in force in Romania such as, but not limited to those relating to electronic commerce, consumer protection, distance contracting, intellectual property rights protection, personal data protection and those regarding cybercrime, as needed on a case by case basis.

7.2 Any dispute related to the use of the Content or the Website will be for the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Romanian courts of law and will be governed by the Romanian legal provisions applicable at the time of such dispute. For the avoidance of any doubt the original language of this agreement is Romanian. In case of conflict between the Romanian version of the agreement and it's English translation, the Romanian version will have priority.

7.3 Other use of the Website may be subject to special terms and conditions which you will be informed of in due course. By way of example the processing of personal data is subject to our Privacy Policy.

Our team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for using softonym.com.