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Irina Craciun

by Irina Craciun
on Apr 27, 2012

Summary: Yoono Desktop is a free application for Windows, Mac and Linux that gathers all your social networks and IM accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YM or YouTube on a single deck on your desktop and allows you to connect to them and access them faster and easier.

Technical specs

  • OS

    WinXP/WinVista/Win7/Mac/Linux Other

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  • Size

    15.2 MB

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    $ 0

  • Publisher

    Yoono Inc.

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The interface is well-built and has an elegant design. Though it has support for a wide range of services, using it is a child’s play. Each network service is displayed on a navigation bar and double clicking on an icon will open the account in Yoono’s browser. But you can also choose to open them in your default browser. The “all” icon allows you to combine multiple streams and notifications and to unify all your friends on a single list. You can choose to browse one service at a time or multiple services at once but in different columns. The column mode allows you to combine multiple streams in multiple browser tabs. You can add as many columns as you want and also resize them. Using columns you have all the important information displayed in a practical way. You have the possibility to choose what information to be displayed in columns, namely information, updates, notification, friends and IM lists.

Yoono has a clever video sharing system that spares you of lots copy-paste steps. In order to share a video or a web page, you just have to select the share button present in the side bar, then select networks or texts, mark, or not, the selection with “liked”, “disliked” or “funny” and share it. The interface also allows you to hide the browser and toggle between multiple or a single column.

Yoono is a clever solution for social media accounts that allows you to organize them on a single desktop platform.

Pros & Cons

  • Support for a large number of services.
  • Can create multiple columns.
  • Open accounts and links in Yoono’s own browser.
  • Real-time chat.
  • Unifies all friends on a single list.
  • We didn't find any.

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