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Adrian Dogariu

by Adrian Dogariu
on Apr 27, 2012

Summary: Windows Live Messenger is one of the best instant messaging clients out there. To be completely honest with you, statistics say that is the most used IM client in the world.

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Since it is the most popular IM application, you can expect the best in matters of features and customization. I don't know about what to tell you first. It has all the customization possibilities you can think of. Including video chat in high definition, if you have a HD webcam of course. Isn't that cool or what?
You can express any mood you're in with emoticons, winks and display pictures that change along with your mood.
Immediately after you sign in, it offers you the possibility to connect with friends from Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. And of course you can add Yahoo contacts to your list also. Status messages, changing the chat window background, sharing files directly in the chat window (with drag and drop), viewing and browsing pictures in the chat window without actually sending them over to whomever you are chatting with, sending and receiving offline messages, all this are brought together in a colorful eye-candy interface. Windows Live Messenger has some level of animations that get animated when you sign in or use the application. It also has a compact view, which I personally prefer to the larger view.
What is more, when it comes to contacts customization, Windows Live Messenger allows you to group your friends however you please, create groups for all sorts of contacts. There is even a "favorites" option where you can add your top friends so you can see easily more of their social updates.
Another feature that you can find only in the most popular IM clients is the games and other applications. Here you can challenge your friends to play with you some of the most common game types starting with Tic-Tac-Toe, Solitaire, Sudoku, some poker games and some jewel games. The games available for Windows Live Messenger are more than I can enumerate here. There is also a section with additional third party games.
Least but not last, this software coming from Microsoft has a unique feature among IM programs. This feature is called "Remote Assistance" and has been present in the previous versions of Windows Live Messenger and available for Windows XP and Vista. "Remote Assistance" means that a friend can offer computer assistance to another friend by taking control of that friend's computer though Windows Live Messenger.
What I did not like about this IM application is the fact that the downloading and installing process takes too much time. And another thing that I do not like is that it does not offer for all countries the same range of games and avatar customization possibilities.

Pros & Cons

  • The most used IM client in the world. This is a big pro, isn't it?
  • The remote assistance thing is pretty unique among IM applications.
  • Games and avatar customization possibilities are a big plus.
  • Windows Live Messenger works flawless. I could not find a bad thing to reproach. To be completely honest, I shed a tear because the full range of avatar customization availability differs from one country to another.

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