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by Crontzonim
on Apr 27, 2012

Summary: Nowadays, it's a trend to have accounts all over the internet, mostly on social platforms such as Yahoo! Messenger, AOL, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MSN, Gmail, MySpace and the list may be continued. What if all your accounts were synchronized in a single place?

Technical specs

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    WinXP/WinVista/Win7/WinOther/Mac/Linux Other

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  • Size

    19.41 MB

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    $ 0

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    dotSyntax, LLC

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Fortunately, there is a free live messaging client that allows you to access all the social networks where you have an account and it has a cute and simple name: Digsby.
It looks like a small, rectangular icon that will appear on one side of the desktop with a tinny green mascot at one corner. So you won`t be bothered by a huge icon that captures your entire desktop. After installing Digsby, a list with all the accounts for social networking will be displayed and you will have the opportunity to choose those that you want to add to your profile and you will end by having in the upper part of the list the YM online contacts and on the bottom the online contacts in Facebook.
You can also choose a skin at your please from a quite large variety.

Pros & Cons

  • it's free
  • it logs you on various accounts at a time.
  • supports group chats, conferences (video / audio)
  • file transfer option
  • it uses few system resources.
  • nothing so far.

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