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Adelina Daliu

by Adelina Daliu
on Apr 27, 2012

Summary: Writer's Café 2, the writing software that offers one the possibility to plan and structure the story and still write in the daily Journal for better capturing different ideas.

Technical specs

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    Free to try

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    17.4 MB

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    $ 60

  • Publisher

    Anthemion Software Ltd.

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The program is ideal for a person that believes his thoughts are infesting the mind with too many details; it’s around the clock available to organize, plan or simply write whatever one desires. It’s up to the user if he wants to use it at full length or simply make an idea about how things get along in the world of writers. It provides features that would appeal to any writer, such as Dictionary, Thesaurus and even a Spell Check, that comes in handy whenever the writer  involuntary makes a spelling error or if the user may want to check a word he believes it may not suit there.

The Interface is quite friendly, it kind of induces the atmosphere necessary for brainstorming, for putting down the best thoughts and organizing them in a pleasant way. One of its best features is the Cookies icon, it puts forward quotations from different domains, that the writer may find inspiring. Writer's Café 2 also comes with Tips, quite an useful tool that may help a beginner and also an expert. For example, it holds out „How to make your protagonist into a real hero?”, and explains the steps that would make the protagonist attractive to the reader. It also offers StoryLines, a Pinboard, a Writing Prompt and last but not least Character creation tool.

Pros & Cons

  • Includes Dictionary, Spell Check and Thesaurus
  • Offers Tips
  • Friendly Interface
  • Does not come with a phone support

Publisher Description

Writer's Café is a set of power tools for all fiction writers, whether experienced or just starting out. The heart of Writer's Café is StoryLines, a powerful but simple to use story development tool that dramatically accelerates the creation and structuring of your novel or screenplay.
Smart, Writer's Café also includes a notebook, journal, research organiser, pinboard, inspirational quotations, daily writing tips, writing exercises, name generation, and a 60-page e-book, Fiction: The Facts, distilling 20 years of writing experience.


Fixed a crash if annotation window was the first window in the FCE.
Fixed non-appearance of location profiles in reports.
Fixed bad output to ODT when using a tabular report template.
Fixed raw HTML display in manual on some Windows systems.
Fixed a bug where annotations were not saved in the Floating Card Editor when pressing Save and then exiting.
Added +/- buttons to export/print selections panel.
Fixed lack of paste in the key field of the registration dialog on Mac.
Now uses xdg-open on Linux to run the default application association with a file, since the previous method didn't work on all systems.
Added Auto-Replace Preferences command to View menu, and implemented auto-replace in the Content window.

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