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Adelina Daliu

by Adelina Daliu
on Apr 27, 2012

Summary: WriteItNow 4 is the perfect writing software that one needs to move from a draft to a complete manuscript. All the user needs to do is come up with the ideas and inspirations because the program will organize and develop the ideas in a pleasant way.

Technical specs

  • OS


  • Type

    Free to try

  • Size

    32.6 MB

  • Price

    $ 69.95

  • Publisher

    Ravenshead Services

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The interface is appealing; it sort of invites the user in a fantasy world where thoughts come to life. When writing the perfect story that would improve one’s existence, it is demanded to be organized in the best possible way. Ideas are mixed in the writer’s head; he switches from one scene to another in a blink of an eye, so a draft must be made in order to finally enlarge the story in a natural way. It provides sections such as: Chapters, Characters, Events, Locations, Notes, Ideas, Graphs, References and Submissions.

The software develops essential features for every category mentioned above. For example, it offers Word count, Spelling checker, and also synonyms and antonyms for the selected word.  Let’s not forget about to possibility to make the selected text bold, Italicized or Underlined in order to have a better perspective over the story. The Character’s tab displays a new set of tabs, namely developing the character’s personality and its main skills. It’s like a bloodline, the Family Relationships, Personal Relationships are demanded and also a picture of the personage may be uploaded so that the writer has the impression that a real story is being written. The user can chose from making notes or drawing graphs for his story.

 WriteItNow 4 can be exported as RTF (create manuscript), PDF (create E-Book), HTML (create web page) and as Text (create text file).

Pros & Cons

  • Storyboard view (the characters, events and locations are listed side by side)
  • Organizes ideas in an efficient way
  • Provides Spelling Checker and Dictionary
  • None


* Can see text on conflict graph when using ‘Dark Star’ Look and Feel.
* When a Character's personality trait is deleted the text description is updated immediately.
* When exporting title is included for Locations section.
* Fixed bug when moving Scenes and working on last Scene.
* Fixed bug when setting character ID color.

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