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Adelina Daliu

by Adelina Daliu
on Apr 27, 2012

Summary: Power Writer is a writing program good for any story; it begins with inspiration and carries the writer through the whole storytelling process. It provides a graphic overview, developed into chapters and plot.

Technical specs

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    Free to try

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    10.5 MB

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    $ 129.95

  • Publisher

    White Brain

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The application has an average interface, not complicated so it’s useful for those that are at the beginning and want to revolutionize mankind with their writings or for expert ones that just need a hand in organizing their ideas.  It provides a name base, so the user may chose the name that appeals most to the character but does not offer pictures upload, in order to have a better perspective upon the story. It has essential features such as Spell Check, Thesaurus and Terminology Editor but it does not include a Dictionary. The program comes with a sort of questions that are meant to develop the story or the character if the writer is puzzled or simply needs an advice for making the story more interesting.

Power Writer comes with the possibility to highlight the selected text in Bold, Italics or Underline it, so that both the writer and the reader may perceive the manuscript more clearly.

Pros & Cons

  • Offers Spell Check
  • Does not have a Dictionary

Publisher Description

Power Writer is the first word processor to fully integrate Outlining and Story Development tools so that your writing can finally proceed as one continuous act of creation from first idea through finished manuscript.

Write anything from a short story all the way up to a full novel with Power Writer

Outlines, notes, ideas, character arcs, and much more are always in synch with the actual text regardless as to how much you edit or rewrite. These elements are right at your fingertips with a simple click of the mouse or can easily be hidden so you can focus purely on your prose.

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